Dental equipment – technologies used in our surgeries

Dentistry is one of the fastest developing medical fields. Various innovations in dentist equipment and new methods of treatment are presented practically during every dental exhibition. In order to be up to date with all the newest trends we take part in numerous dental courses and trainings, congresses and dentists’ conventions. However, without the use of the most modern equipment, one will never be able to make use of his/her extensive knowledge. In our surgeries we continuously expand and modernize our equipment to provide the patients with the best treatment compliant with the latest standards.

dental units dentists

Chirana Smile Sympatic Dental Units

The top class, cutting-edge Dental Unit is the most important piece of equipment of each dental surgery. It allows for pleasant and quiet work. It helps to position the chair comfortably for the patient and dentist and thanks to this the appointments are shorter and less stressing for the patients.

dental tomography wroclaw

Computer tomograph Kodak 9000 3D

It really stands out from other digital pantomographic cameras and computer tomographs. With the minimal radiation dose and with the help of the latest Kodak 9000 3D we can see a three-dimensional image of the patient’s jaw and in a very precise way diagnose the existing health problems, plan the implant treatment and assess the position of dental nerves. In addition, this apparatus takes traditional, digital panoramic photos of great quality.


dental xray photo

Heliodent DS Dental X-ray

An excellent Heliodent DS Dental X-ray of Sirona makes it possible to totally eliminate dangerous soft radiation which is completely useless in diagnostics. It provides optimal results in X-ray imaging in combination with a very precise controlling of the dose of radiation and minimal radiation exposure for the patients.

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Gendex Expert DC Dental X-ray

The latest construction of the X-ray head used in this apparatus made it possible to almost totally reduce the dose of radiation dispersed by the casing of the lamp. Thanks to this we are sure that radiation is directed only towards the irradiated roentgen sensor without unnecessary irradiation of other organs of the patient. Additionally, it is equipped with the smallest ever used focus of the lamp of 4 mm2 which allows to obtain images of unprecedented so far quality and sharpness.

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Cordless radiovisiographic (RVG) scanner VistaScan Plus

Radiovisiography is used due to its great advantage over cable sensors and it begins to be used more and more frequently in dental surgeries. In our clinic at Noble Street we use a radiovisiographic apparatus of a German company Duer Dental Vista-Scan. This scanner offers the highest optical resolution, as high as 40LP/mm, which makes it possible to notice any morbid lesions which in case of other radiovisiographic apparatuses remain invisible. It has a substantial influence on making a correct diagnosis and further treatment.

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Digital radiovisiographic sensor Progeny Vision DX

Digital radiovisiographic sensor is an equivalent of a traditional X-ray plate. Its use allows for watching the photos on the computer screen in any desirable enlargement just after 2 seconds after taking the photo. It has a significant influence on making a precise and correct diagnosis. Thanks to the newest technology the radiation dose essential for making an x-ray photograph was diminished by so much as 90% - in comparison to the traditional plate.

dental loupes Poland

Dental magnifying glasses SurgiTel 2,5x Ergo-vision

The majority of dental procedures is carried out on very small areas of merely a few square millimeters. In order to ensure maximum possible accuracy, whenever possible we use dental magnifying glasses. Thanks to large enlargement of the areas we are working on, the precision and quality of our work is increased by 2,5 times.

endodontic micromotor Wroclaw

Endodontic micromotor Endomaster EMS

Endodontic micromotor is an essential part of modern equipment for root canal treatment. The micromotor Endomaster of a Swiss company Ionyx EMS guarantees safe and quick analysis of root canals. Its use significantly increases the quality and precision of their enlargement. The built-in endometer ensures the precise measurement of the length of root canals and minimizes the risk of imprecise filling of the roots.

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Teeth Bleaching Lamp Beyond Whitening

The legendary teeth bleaching lamp of an American company Beyond – the precursor of the latest laser teeth bleaching. The bleaching light is filtered by 12 thousand optical fibres of total length of 1,6 km. In addition, a special optical system totally eliminates harmful, ultraviolet and infrared light. The light is a so called “cold light” which is crucial for the safety of the patient during the procedure and good bleaching results.

Teeth bleaching with the use of BEYOND™ method is totally safe, which is confirmed by the lack of any complications resulting from this procedure.

teeth bleaching lamp

Teeth Bleaching Lamp Sema C-Bright

A teeth bleaching lamp is absolutely essential for bleaching teeth. The waves of cold light of the length between 420 and 490 nanometres activates and enhances the action of the bleaching gel. The lamp Sema Dyw C-bright is one of the strongest lamps available on the market (of power up to 2400mW/cm2), it makes it possible to bleach teeth from 5 up to 14 shades in the Vita scale.

dental autoclave melag

Dental Autoclave Melag

A modern autoclave is an obligatory element of the equipment of every dental surgery. The process of sterilization in water steam in higher temperature and pressure is the most effective method ensuring total sterility of dental tools. Each sterilization process is tested with the use of special strips - sterilization indicators, which are then archived as a proof of a correct sterilization process.

The German company Melag is a real mercedes among the world producers’ of autoclaves, hence taking into consideration the safety and comfort of our patients we have decided to choose an autoclave of this company.


Handpieces cleaning device Assistina 301 Plus

The latest studies on the disinfection and sterilization processes in dental surgeries show that a human is the weakest link of all this process. Hence for the ensuring of full safety for our patients we use a professional device for cleaning all dental handpieces - Assistina 301 Plus. It guarantees a precise cleaning , greasing of all handpieces and their safe preparation for the sterilization process, eliminating the need for doing this manually.

dental impressions

Dynamix automatic machine for mixing impression materials

Precise impression of prosthetic materials is a basic condition for proper prosthetic treatment. It is especially essential with large impressions involving a few teeth or implants. In order to obtain precise prosthetic impressions we use a special device which prepares impression materials of highest possible parametres – Dynamix automatic machine of a German company Heraeus Kulzer.  

dental implant micromotor

Implant micromotor NSK Surgic XT

Implant micromotor NSK Surgic XT ensures optimal scope of visibility and precision during surgical procedures within the oral cavity and implant placement. Its perfect control system of rotation speed ensures minimal traumaticity of procedures. It is particularly important during the procedure of implantation but also during other surgical procedures performed within the oral cavity.

ultrasonic dental scaler

Ultrasonic dental scaler

Ultrasonic dental scaler serves for the removal of dental tartar. The use of ultra sounds has revolutionised the scaling procedure. The vibrating tip automatically breaks down both the subgingival and supragingival calculus, hence it is not necessary to use any physical force on the tool. Thanks to this, as opposed to other tools for manual removal of dental tartar, this procedure does not cause any damage to tooth enamel and is much less unpleasant.

sandblasting machine

Sand-blasting machine NSK Prophy Mate

The sand-blasting machine makes it possible to remove dental plaque formed as a result of smoking, drinking coffee, tea, etc. Such plaque cannot be removed by traditional tooth brushing and frequently only the procedure of sand blasting makes it possible to regain their former colour and shiny.