Dental Implants

We offer our patients implants of three renown implant companies: 3i, Osteoplant and 3M MDI mini implants . Before implantation, during consultation we present possible ways of treatment to patients and help them choose an optimal plan for the replacement of missing teeth. Accurate description of treatment can be read on the webpage about implant treatment, below we present only the simplified outline of the procedure:

  • the first appointment: on the basis of a panoramic photo of teeth we determine the possibilities and indications for implantation and present possible ways of treatment to patients. If a patient accepts planned treatment we perform X-ray computed tomography to produce 3D images of the place of implantation procedure for performing a more precise diagnostics. All the tests are performed on the site in our own X-ray laboratory. Once we completed all essential tests we may start planning the type and position of implants so as to maximise the use of osseous tissue of the patient and achieve the best possible effects of the therapy.
  • the second appointment: we begin the implantation procedure. After the completion of the procedure we reconstruct the aesthetics and functionality so as our patients can function normally. Missing teeth in the implanted section are reconstructed temporarily with the use of adhesive bridges, occlusal splints or standard acrylic dentures with a soft reline. We always put every effort into patient coming out of the surgery after the procedure with aesthetic restoration which should be used till implants heal up and the final prosthetic restoration takes place.
  • the third appointment: once the specific period of time needed for the implants healing has elapsed - 2~3 months for the lower jaw and 5~6 months for the upper jaw we expose the implant and perform the prosthetic restoration on the implants. The possibilities of prosthetic treatment based on implants can be seen after clicking an appropriate picture beside.

Frequently asked questions:

  • What does the implantation procedure consist of ? – the insertion of implants consists of predrilling small holes in the bone and screwing titanium dental implants into them and then sewing up the resulting wound with sutures. Once the period needed for healing up of the implants has passed, prosthetic restoration is performed on them e.g. crowns, bridges or dentures.
  • Can everyone get dental implants? – indications and contraindications to implantation procedure are determined by the doctor during the first consultation visit at the surgery. The contraindications to implantation procedure are for instance some systemic diseases, inability to maintain good oral hygiene by a patient, lack of sufficient alveolar bone mass at the place of the planned implantation procedure, which do not meet appropriate conditions for performing bone regeneration or the procedure of maxillary sinus floor elevation.
  • Is the implantation procedure painful? – the procedure of placing implants despite some invasiveness is totally painless. It is possible thanks to modern anaesthesia. During the procedure the strongest anaesthetics are used which ensure the possibility of calm positioning and placing of implants. Simultaneously, during and after the procedure patients are fully conscious and can drive home on their own. Those who are exceptionally stressed can be offered relaxation medicines, which make the course of implantation much more pleasant.
  • Is every implantation successful? – the implantation procedure just like any other medical procedure may be unsuccessful; the effectiveness of implantation is estimated as 98%. It means that 1 of 40 implants does not form bone union and will be removed. Nonintegrated implant is painlessly removed and usually after the second insertion of the implant into the same place the procedure is successful.
  • Is there any guarantee that implants will be durable? – if you maintain proper oral hygiene there is no time limitation of duration. Their duration is similar to the duration of your own healthy teeth. If an implant inserted in our clinic is rejected by your organism in time shorter than 2 years, as a part of the guarantee we will perform repeat implantation. In order to fulfill conditions of guarantee the patient should attend follow-up visits regularly after the completion of the treatment. Only then we can react soon enough in case of occurrence of any worrying lesions within the inserted implants.
  • How one should take care of teeth mounted on implants? – Maintaining proper oral hygiene does not differ from standard washing of your own teeth. Periodic check-ups after 1 month, 6 months and then every 6~9 months combined with professional cleaning of implants and if needed X-ray diagnostics are very important. After the implantation procedure each patient should be given detailed written instructions on how one should act after the implantation and maintain proper oral hygiene of implants.