Dental Prosthodontics

All-ceramic crowns
Porcelain crowns - porcelain faced crowns
Zirconia full-ceramic bridges
Porcelain bridges – porcelain-faced bridges
Adhesive bridges
Skeleton, metal dentures
Skeleton, acetal dentures
Skeleton dentures without clasps
Conventional, partial dentures – acrylic
Conventional, total dentures – acrylic
Flexible dentures – nylon
Immediate dentures
ZX 27 Glass abutments for dental implants
Total overdenture dentures – stud fixed
Composite veneers
Crown-root inlays
Dentures repair
NTI relaxation splints

Preventive dentistry

Fluorization of teeth
Tooth sealing
Tooth hypersensitivity treatment
Painless tooth decay treatment
Reconstruction of damaged crowns

Aesthetic dentistry

Professional teeth bleaching
Sand blasting
Teeth jewellery
Porcelain veneers
Removal of tooth discolouration


Root canal treatment
Periapical lesions treatment
X-ray diagnostics – digital imaging

Paediatric dentistry

Dentist for children – Pedodontist
Familiarization appointments for children
Colourfull fillings of teeth
Teeth varnishing
Tooth sealing


Dental Implants
  • Osteoplant implants
  • 3i Dental implants
  • MDI 3M Mini Dental implants
Description of implantation treatment
Implant-supported crowns
Implant-supported bridges
Implant-supported dentures
Mini implant-supported dentures
Maxillary sinus floor elevation
Reconstruction – bone regeneration
Bone substitute biomaterials

Surgery and periodontology

Tooth and root extraction
Surgical wisdom tooth extraction
Tooth calculus removal – subgingival and sopragingival
Tooth root resection
Tongue frenulum cutting
Gingival curettage – open and closed
Splinting of loose teeth
Gingival recession coverage

Treatment of masticatory system disorders

Articular and muscular pains
Grinding and clenching teeth

Aesthetic medicine

Aesthetic medicine
Wrinkles removal – Botox
Smoothing out wrinkles – fillers
Lip augmentation, shaping
Volumetric facelifting

X-ray laboratory

Digital X-ray imaging of teeth
Digital panoramic imaging – panoramic radiograph
Computer tomography of maxilla and mandible
Computer tomography – partial
Dental computed tomography apparatus


Dental treatment paid in installments
Gift coupons – vouchers

Dental prosthodontics