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Dental treatment in children

Children dental treatment is often very stressing both for a dentist treating a little patient and his parents. Not mentioning the huge stress a child is experiencing on the dental chair. It does not have to be so. Surveys and questionnaires conducted among dentists treating children and among parents have shown that 90% of stressful situations can be avoided by applying the following rules:

  • the first appointment of a child in dental surgery should be familiarization appointment with no treatment involved
  • parents should regularly take children for dental check-ups – in this way we can avoid a situation when a child comes to the dentist with an already painful tooth and is already stressed even before entering dental surgery
  • nobody should ever frighten children with a dentist, phrases about pain and fear in a dental surgery like “do not be afraid, it will not hurt” should be avoided since usually such words have an opposite effect on children
  • one should treat a dental appointment as a normal, routine activity since in this way we do not arouse fear or make a child feel unsafe
  • one should avoid bribing children with gifts or promises before the appointment, in this way a child begins to think that the appointment will be stressful if caretakers offer prizes for it, after the appointment in our surgery every little patient receives from the dentist a gift for being courageous

Frequently asked questions:

  • How often should one check up on deciduous teeth? – due to lower mineralization the deciduous teeth are more prone to caries than the permanent teeth and the decay is faster. For this reasons dentist recommend that the checkups should take place every 3~6 months.
  • Is it worth taking care of deciduous teeth if they are going to fall out? – yes, it is absolutely necessary! Deciduous teeth take space for the permanent teeth enabling them to erupt properly. Due to the premature extraction of deciduous teeth very often the malformation of occlusion is observed and what follows, later on orthodontic treatment is necessary. Additionally, if we teach children how to property maintain oral hygiene it will pay off in the future.
  • Is it possible to strengthen the enamel in children so that their teeth do not decay so easily? – yes, with the use of simple, painless prophylactic procedures which protect teeth against caries – fluoridation of teeth enamel id est teeth varnishing and protecting the grooves of permanent teeth meaning tooth sealing. We encourage you to read the description of both procedures which greatly enhance the resistance of children’s teeth to caries.