Digital X-ray laboratory

Nowadays, nobody can speak about effective, targeted treatment without the earlier, precise diagnostics. In Vita-Dent Centre we are equipped with a modern, digital x-ray laboratory – one of the most cutting-edge dental X-ray laboratories in Wroclaw. We possess the computer tomography apparatus Kodak 9000 3D (at Noble Street) and apparatuses for local imaging Gendex Expert DC, Kodak 2200 and Sirona Heliodent DS.  

We are equipped in the X-ray equipment of latest technology and we offer our patients a full scope of radiological tests which are performed directly in our clinic:

  • computer tomography of mandible and maxilla with the use of CBCT Dicom apparatus
  • partial computer tomography
  • intraoral X-ray imaging of the teeth
  • panoramic X-ray imaging - Orthopantomogram

The maximum safety of our patients and at the same time the highest quality of x-ray imaging is the apple of our eye, so we take digital photos only. Thanks to this, the radiation dose absorbed by the patient during the examination is 8~12 times lower than the radiation dose absorbed during standard X-ray imaging performed with the use of the standard X-ray plate. It is especially important particularly during complicated treatment when a few X-ray images are necessary for making a correct diagnosis, when the radiation doses are cumulated and when taking X-ray images of children teeth.

Taking care for patient’s comfort, the X-ray apparatuses for intraoral imaging are placed directly beside dental chairs, making it possible to take the images directly on the chair. It is not necessary to transfer to another room in order to perform X-ray imaging.

The service of X-ray imaging, panoramic imaging and computer tomography of teeth is provided also to those, who are not our patients. A ready panoramic photo and tomography imaging is burnt on a CD or in the case of intraoral imaging sent by email or saved on a pen drive. We encourage you to make use of our X-ray services.

Digital X-ray laboratory Wroclaw
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